Jacob Metcalf, PhD

Ethical Resolve Founding Partner 

PhD in Philosophy

Jakob Metcalf, PhDEthical Resolve Founding Partner 

PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz

Jacob (Jake) Metcalf, PhD is a consultant and independent scholar specializing in data and technology ethics. His academic background is in applied ethics, particularly in science and technology. His scholarship in data ethics is recognized as influencing this nascent field, particularly around issues of research ethics policy and practice in academia and business. He lives amongst the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains.


  • Researcher at Data & Society Research Institute, working with the Council for Big Data, Ethics and Society and UC Irvine (2014-16). Establishing ethics policies for the NSF’s big data projects and building community of data ethics experts.
  • Assistant Director at the UC Santa Cruz Science & Justice Research Center (2010-2014). Helped found and direct a globally unique graduate research and education program dedicated to interdisciplinary research into science and technology ethics. Gained expertise in organizational vision, facilitating collaborative organizational cultures, and communication social and ethical issues concisely and accessibly across intellectual boundaries.
  • Ethics consultant for the Long Now Foundation (2013). Provided research and advice to the Revive & Restore project about public perception of their nascent de-extinction efforts.
  • Taught 1000+ science and engineering university students on issues of science, technology, ethics and society.

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