Jacob Metcalf, PhD

Ethical Resolve Founding Partner

PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz

Jacob (Jake) Metcalf, PhD is a consultant and scholar specializing in data and technology ethics. He is passionate about helping people understand how seemingly small decisions about data technologies can have significant and disparate consequences in society. His academic background is in applied ethics, particularly in science and technology, and his scholarship in data ethics is recognized as influencing this nascent field, particularly around issues of research ethics policy and practice in academia and business. He lives amongst the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains, where he fulfills his lifelong dream of running a philosophy business from a converted barn.

Experience & Expertise:

  • Researcher at Data & Society Research Institute and co-PI on the NSF-funded PERVADE Team, a 4-year, $3M project studying research ethics in data science.
  • Co-chair of the Ethics subgroup for the IEEE P7000 standard, Model Process for Addressing Ethical Concerns During System Design
  • Affiliate at the Data Guild
  • Previously working with the Council for Big Data, Ethics and Society at Data & Society (2014-16). Establishing ethics policies for the NSF’s big data projects and building community of data ethics experts.
  • Previously, Assistant Director at the UC Santa Cruz Science & Justice Research Center (2010-2014). Helped found and direct a globally unique graduate research and education program dedicated to interdisciplinary research into science and technology ethics.

Selected publications:

MIT TechReviewFacebook may stop the data leaks, but it’s too late: Cambridge Analytica’s models live on

Slate: The Cambridge Analytica Scandal Shows Facebook Needs to Give Researchers More Access, Not Less

Medium: “The study has been approved by the IRB”: Gayface AI, research hype and the pervasive data ethics gap

Medium, PointsWhen verification is also surveillance: EVV devices could intrusively track Medicaid recipients

Big Data & SocietyWhere are Human Subjects in Big Data Research? The Emerging Ethics Divide

Accenture: Universal principles of data ethics: 12 guidelines for developing ethics codes

Note: For requests related to his academic work, please contact jake.metcalf (at) datasociety.net