Ethical Resolve

Operationalize your organization's values

Build Ethics Capacity

Ethical Resolve's consulting team will help design and implement the practices that will enable you to work toward your ethical commitments. Through in-depth research and analysis, we'll outline steps that will make it possible for your company to spot and respond to ethical risks before they cause harm.

Clarify values

In order to guide your organization you have to know your commitments and then work to honor them. We can walk you through every step of this process, helping you to implement review processes, trainings and governance practices that will ensure that you stay true to your own vision.

Measure impact

The most advanced organizations in data & machine learning ethics are able to measure the impact of their activities. Through human rights impact reports, algorithmic impact reports and other measures of success, we can help you to guide your industry towards the development of robust ethics capacity.

Prepare for the future

Algorithmic regulation is coming. In order to be prepared, your organization needs to have a clear process for tracking and documenting your data & machine learning ethics activities. From data governance, to algorithmic explainability to model reporting, Ethical Resolve can help you implement the practices you need to be ready.

Reach tangible ethics benchmarks

Implement practices for ethical review
Articulate organizational values and principles
Create training to help spot machine learning bias
Assess ethical risks relevant to your market
Prepare for regulation
Build ethics leadership on your team

Ready to implement data ethics practices?

Recent Clients

At this stage in the development of the data ethics consulting industry many of our clients have asked for our discretion when discussing our work with them.

  • 2019

    Fortune 500
    Ride-sharing Platform

    Ethical resolve partnered to design a scalable and reliable review process for the machine learning product teams. This company-specific protocol is now followed during the development of new and potentially risky products. Another key result of our recommendation was the addition of new team members with ethics expertise. This process began with a full technical team review and articulation of their organization's values.

  • 2018

    Fortune 500
    Social Media Platform

    Ethical Resolve was contracted to build a training program to help their engineers and other technical team members spot and respond to ethical risks in machine learning projects. Our design process included extensive interviews with team members to ensure that the training program built on and solidified existing practices that were not yet well established across all development teams.

  • 2018

    Fortune 500
    Technology Consulting Company

    Ethical Resolve partnered with this company to provide a full review of their AI practices and generate a comprehensive report. The report included recommendations for how to implement various functions within the company to improve existing responsible AI practices. Primary focus areas: an advisory team, an issue response procedure, issue spotting workflows, trainings and the development of a knowledge base.

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ACM FAT* Tutorial: Disambiguating Bias and Unfairness in Algorithmic Products

At the ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (ACM FAT*) later this month I will be presenting a tutorial about why it is philosophically and organizationally important to carefully distinguish between algorithmic bias and algorithmic unfairness.


Cambridge Analytica’s behavioral modeling illustrates new ethical dangers of predictive analytics

The Cambridge Analytica scandal is sprawling and often murky, and will certainly continue to evolve. One thing is now certain, however: predictive analytics is about more than just targeted advertising and media recommendations, it is also about how our society is structured and who has the power to reshape it


UCOT Conference: Build to solve values problems, not just technical problems

Watch Ethical Resolve founder Jake Metcalf’s talk at the 2018 Unintended Consequences of Technology (#UCOT) conference in San Francisco. The central theme of the talk is that organizations should be investing in the capacity to make values decisions, which is a different problem than addressing the technical components of algorithmic tools.

Our Team

Jacob Metcalf, PhD

PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz

Expertise: Data Ethics, Ethics Review Practices, Bioethics, and Sociology of Science and Technology

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Benjamin R Roome, PhD

PhD in Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz

Expertise: Data Ethics, Technology Ethics, Technology Entrepreneurship, Epistemology of Science

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